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Why Home Insurance For Frisco Residents?

First lets cover a little history of Frisco and what type of weather we face. The summer in Frisco is hot and dry. Highs can reach the 100º mark, while in the winter there has been the occasional snow fall. Frisco's weather is no different than the rest of Texas, but it is located on the southern end of tornado alley. Being located more inland, Frisco is not in any direct threat of a hurricane, but tornados may be a concern. Located just north of Dallas, Frisco is usually a reasonable commute to Dallas. Frisco is a growing suburban community located just north of the Dallas area, and is a great community to raise a family in.

The follow cases make it all to apparent that home insurance for Frisco and neighboring communities should be a priority concern. The home is generally a family's biggest investment. Protecting your house and property with insurance is part of being prepared for a natural disaster.

Some natural disasters in the Frisco area:
Severe thunderstorms are the primary concerns of Frisco residents. Tornados are also a major concern of Frisco. The damage a tornado can do to a house and the amount of property damage that can be occurred is astronomical. The fire department has placed 23 different alarms throughout the city to help provide a early warning system for its residents.

The Hazard Mitigation Action Plan has been put in place for residents of Frisco which is a general guide identifying potential natural disasters that could impact Frisco. Also the Frisco fire department advises households to have some emergency preparation of their own such as:

  • Water, stored in plastic containers and refreshed every six months
  • Food, Store at least a three day supply of non perishable food
  • First Aid Kit, make sure to check at least once a year
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Clothing and Bedding  
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The City of Frisco is both in Collin and Denton counties, so there maybe different relief or emergency procedures depending on what county you live.

Safety tips for a tornado in Texas:

  • Monitor your radio and local media
  • Have disaster supplies on hand
  • Designate a safe shelter area
  • Lie flat in the nearest depression, a ditch or culvert if you’re outdoors and unable to get to shelter.
  • Get out of vehicles immediately and seek shelter in a building
  • Take shelter in an interior hallway on a lower floor away from windows or glass when you're in a large building

Safety tips for a thunderstorm:

  • Monitor your radio or tv for severe thunderstorm warnings and instructions
  • Avoid driving or traveling
  • Go to a small interior room on the lowest floor of your home, school, or business
  • Have disaster supplies on hand
  • Move animals into shelter, and vehicles into garages to prevent damage, if time permits

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